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Whether you simply share one Sunday or Holy Day with us or are seeking a place to call your spiritual home, we are blessed that you have found us here at Holy Comforter (CHC). We are proud to be an inter-generational faith community and invite you and your family members of all ages to participate in the fellowship found here.

It’s hoped that much of the information you may be seeking is easily found on this website. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from newcomers and visitors.

At 8 a.m. we have a more contemplative worship service without music in our historic Chapel. At 10 a.m. in the Church, we have a creative and uplifting worship service with music.
People wear a variety of clothing styles to Holy Comforter services. Anything from jeans to suits and ties blend right in. Wear whatever makes you comfortable. We’re just glad you’re with us!
Children are full members of the church and are always welcome to remain in church during the service. We provide a quiet activity area immediately to your left as you enter the sanctuary. Many of our children and youth participate by serving as readers, acolytes, and ushers as well as attending our educational programs.
Just outside the doors to the sanctuary are a rocking chair, soft toys, and books. Please feel free to enjoy them!
The Church Nursery, on the 2nd floor of the parish hall, is now considered “Family Space.” It is open every Sunday for families/children needing a quiet space or time for free play. Children must be supervised at all times by a parent or other adult.
We have programs suitable for all ages from elementary through high school. Please follow this link for more specific information about times, locations, and curricula.
If you enter the parking area immediately to the right of the front doors, you will find designated handicap spaces. There are no stairs on this approach to the church. Although there are stairs inside to access the parish hall and offices, we have readily available a lift for those unable to use the stairs. During Holy Communion, the Sacrament will be brought to you. Please help us by alerting an usher to your need.
Upon your arrival, expect to be warmly and sincerely welcomed to this church. We may call ourselves Episcopalians, but God doesn’t care about labels. Here in His house, all, and we mean all, are welcome. It does not matter whether or not you are an Episcopalian or even Christian, whether or not you think you are religious or spiritual, whether or not you even feel that God is part of your life, you are welcome here because God loves each of us. No exceptions!

There are no assigned pews! Please sit wherever you feel comfortable and take a minute to read the service bulletin you received from an usher. This is your guide to the service, so that hopefully you won’t feel overwhelmed or confused by what is happening. The large blue book and the green softcover book both contain music we sing. The bulletin will indicate a hymn number; if the letters WLP follow the number, then that song will be found in the green book. The page numbers on the right direct you to the red Book of Common Prayer.

Beware Episcopal calisthenics! As the service proceeds, you will find the congregation standing, sitting, and/or kneeling at various moments. Don’t worry about it. If kneeling is uncomfortable for you, then don’t kneel. If standing is difficult, then please sit. You can’t make a mistake; do what is comfortable for you!

Now for the actual service. Here are some highlights:

Processional: We sing to begin our worship while the choir and clergy walk to the front of the church.

Readings: Opening prayers and readings from the Bible are next.

Children’s Moment: Following the readings during the service, the children join the Rector in the center of the church for the Children’s Message.

Sermon: A minister will speak with the congregation connecting God’s Word to our everyday lives.

Creed: We all recite the Nicene Creed, written in the 4th century, because it summarizes our beliefs.

Prayers of the People: Next we pray for those who are sick, who have died, who are in need…for the whole world.

Peace: Then we share God’s peace with one another. Be prepared; the scene may become a bit boisterous! Our congregation loves to move out of the pews and joyously greet one another.

Holy Communion: Now we begin the actual focus of the service—Holy Communion or Holy Eucharist during which we will take bread and wine as Jesus’ disciples did at the Last Supper.

Recessional: We conclude the service with another song.

At CHC, all are welcome at God’s table. We offer both wheat and gluten-free bread.

To take the bread, hold out your hands with the right on top of your left. The priest will place the bread in your palm. You may either eat the bread or hold it in your hand to dip in the chalice when it is offered.

If you wish, you may have a blessing instead of taking the bread. Simply cross your arms over your chest, and the priest will know you wish to be blessed.

If you would rather not come to the altar, please don’t feel uncomfortable. We are simply happy that you chose to spend some time with us in God’s house.

Yes, you do. Before the service, there is coffee available in the narthex (the church’s foyer). Enjoy a cup and chat with one of our Shepherds, who will answer any questions you might have.

After the service, please follow people to the parish hall where we enjoy coffee and a snack. We would love to have an opportunity to chat and get to know you better.

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