The Advent Candle(s)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, Advent begins on November 29. Liturgically, the color of the day is blue or purple. You will see that in the services held that day. The colors of the Advent candles you can buy from Amazon to get them in time for that day are three blue and one pink. You will see some expensive candles when you look for Advent candles, but here is a set Amazon sells for $7.00:


One of the blue candles is lit the first Sunday of Advent. You will also see that there are a lot of purple candles sold for Advent; but purple is the color of penitence, and we want to stress that Advent is a season of joyous expectation. The candles need a base to stand them on in a circle. There are plenty you can buy, but it depends on your budget. Just search for them in Amazon; there are many options. Many people put some small evergreen branches around the candles. Some people also add another candle in the center of the circle. This is called the Christ Candle. If we were in the church building you would see a Christ Candle in the middle of our Advent candles. You will certainly see Advent candles lit that Sunday morning if you watch services on your computer.

I will be sending some possibilities for prayers for lighting the candles each of the Sundays in Advent.

Also please note this: if you have only one candle that you want to light, that is just fine. All of this is about your intention. Lighting a series of candles is traditional, but if you only light one that will also indicate your anticipation of the joy of Christmas.  And let us face it, in the current situation with the limitations we have on our lives because of the virus, lighting even one candle is a beautiful prayer lifted to God.

More coming soon. Be safe, be well.

God grant you Grace and Peace,

Novice Michael, CG