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Lord, you set us all as caretakers of your creation.

Forgive us that we have been so slow to take on the responsibility. 

Bless and inspire scientists and engineers who are working to devise ways of easing the strain we put on the earth.

Bless and inspire financial leaders to create and enact environmentally responsible structures for trade. 

Bless and inspire political leaders with an undaunted vision for environmentally responsible policies and the courage to make responsible stewardship fit seamlessly into our daily lives.

Help us all to walk more gently on your earth and live more gently with each other.


Methodist Council of Great Britain

Worship Resources
Prayer Resources
  • We are people of the Book. Our faith is rooted in Scripture. Take some time to read some portions you never have explored. Or follow along with the daily lectionary.
  • We are actually people of a second book - the Book of Common Prayer. Take some time to read from our BCP or explore some prayer books from around the Anglican communion all drawing on our shared heritage.
  • Pray the Lord's Prayer with our Children.
  • Numerous churches, dioceses and seminaries are writing special prayers for the coronavirus. Search out a new prayer. Send ones you like to  [email protected]. Maybe yours will find its way into Compline in the future.
Children Formation Resources
Well for the Journey is offering special programs during this time. Many of these programs are being offered for free. Visit the Well's website for more information.

"God of the present moment, God who in Jesus stills the storm and soothes the frantic heart; bring hope and courage to all who wait or work in uncertainty. Bring hope that you will make them the equal of whatever lies ahead. Bring them courage to endure what cannot be avoided, for your will is health and wholeness; you are God, and we need you."

A New Zealand Prayer Book (adapted)

He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa’ 


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