Would you like an important assignment that is not time consuming? Being an oblationer would be perfect for you. Each Sunday two people are assigned to carry the two cruets (containing wine and water) and the ciborium (containing the bread/wafers) from the back of the church to the acolytes at the altar. That’s it! And here’s a little secret. The ciborium also contains a slip of paper with the ushers’ count of those in attendance so that the priest will consecrate enough bread for the Eucharist.


Ushers play a more social role in our worship service. They greet folks, hand out service bulletins, direct individuals to the pews, (handicapped seating is available), answer questions, take up the collection plate, and assist people during communion as needed. They often work closely with our Shepherds, who warmly greet visitors at the door. This ministry is a wonderful way to meet and greet both new and old friends. Ushers always work in pairs; all ages are welcome, and family members often usher together.

For more information and/or how to become an oblationer or usher, please call the church office at 410-252-2711.