Rev. Jo Leslie, Deacon


Jo Leslie was raised in East Tennessee, in rural and small town culture and the Presbyterian tradition. She graduated from a Presbyterian college and lived in England and Germany in the early 1970s. Trained as a Physician Assistant, Jo had a 37-year career as a PA at Johns Hopkins, mostly in the care of patients with HIV/AIDS. She retired in 2014. Jo is joyfully married to William Bell since 2012. He is a retired Episcopal priest. Between them they have 6 kids and 6 grandkids ...all over the country. Jo and William live in Canton. They enjoy good food and drink, travel, Orioles' games, and the Baltimore Symphony. Jo was ordained to the diaconate in 2017. She loves all the deacon roles in liturgy, especially proclaiming the Gospel, preaching, setting God's table, and dismissing the congregation. She has a special fondness for pastoral care and encouraging folks to discover their gifts for service.

To contact Rev. Jo Leslie, Deacon, please call 410-252-2711