Denise Noll, Senior Warden


I grew up in the Methodist church, but for many years was a "C" & "E" visitor of churches of various denominations - Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic. But that began to change on Ash Wednesday in 1995, when my good friend Debi invited me to attend the noon service with her at her church - The Church of the Holy Comforter. The reason she was attracted to CHC that day is the reason she loves Holy Comforter today---the warm and inviting spiritual presence, which she had not felt in other churches. I have been attending Holy Comforter regularly for approximately the past 16 years and was confirmed in our chapel by Bishop Raab in 2004. As Senior Warden for six years, I was a member of the Vestry, but in a very different capacity than I will be serving now. I look forward to contributing whatever skills and expertise I have in order to work with other Vestry members in guiding our church through the future.
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