Lenten Programs
Go Deep This Lent!

CHC’s adult spiritual education initiative continues this winter/spring with very special Lenten offerings. Here are the details.

Mid-Week Services

Tuesday mornings (7:30 am in the chapel) – Holy Eucharist

 What a powerful way to start your day!

Friday mornings (7:30 am in the chapel) – Morning Prayer

All are invited to come and pray. The service will end by 8:00 am, so anyone needing to get to work will not be made late.

Lenten Dinner and Conversation

Tuesday evenings (6 – 8 pm in the parish hall) – Deeper Than Words 

Mar. 12, Mar. 19, Mar. 26, Apr. 2, and Apr. 9

What does it mean to be a Christian in 21st century America where we live and work with people of different faiths? What does it mean to be a Christian at Holy Comforter where we share space and friendship with a Jewish community? How do we share our faith and our traditions with those who are not Christian, without the need to apologize or to persuade? During Lent we will explore these questions.

We will be reading the book Deeper Than Words by David Steindl-Rast as a springboard for our Tuesday Night Lenten Conversations and our Sunday worship. There is no study guide; there is no “you have to read these chapters for next week’s discussion;” there is no timeline to complete the book.

David Steindl-Rast is a Benedictine monk, actively involved in interfaith dialogue. He takes the Apostles’ Creed (our oldest creed and the one we recite at baptisms) line by line and asks, “What does this mean?” and “How do we know this?” and then gives a reflection as example. He is easy to read. For busy people who only have 15 minutes a week, you can read a chapter in that 15 minutes. The book may not be big, but the insights are.

What will you get from reading this book?

      1. If you have issues with a phrase in the creed, realizing a new understanding of “What does this mean?” may take away that rock you weekly stumble on when you begin “I believe….”
      2. The insights you get from the book (and each of us will be struck by different thoughts and themes) will deepen your Sunday worship, especially when you begin “I believe….”
      3. Reading this book in community allows us to experience together the affirmation, or re-affirmation, of our Christian faith. It also gives us some tools of imagery and language to express and discuss our faith with non-Christians in an inclusive and affirming way.

Please see Chris+, Jo+, Will Shaw, or Wendy Hauck if you have any questions. Books will be available for purchase starting on February 24th.

Mark your calendars for Tuesday evenings during Lent, 6-8pm.

Dinner will be potluck. No alcohol, please.

If you are coming straight from work, no worries!

Please join us anyway; we always have too much food.

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