Traditionally and by canon law, the vestry, consisting of wardens and other members, is the legal representative of the parish “in all matter concerning its corporate property and the relations of the Parish to its Clergy, “except as may be provided by state law or diocesan canons. (Constitution & Canons of the Episcopal Church, 1.14.2)

The Vestry of the Church of the Holy Comforter meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Parish Hall from 6 – 8 p.m. Any member of the parish may attend a meeting; however, we do ask that you contact the Senior Warden prior to the meeting so you can be added to the agenda.

The minutes from monthly Vestry meetings are stored in a binder in the church office. Anyone wishing to review the minutes may do so during church office hours.

Do you feel a call to serve on the Vestry?

“The Vestry is responsible for the parish finances, buildings and programmatic direction. These members are representatives of the church who are leaders willing to learn and engage others to participate in the work of the church. They are the chief decision-makers. In corporate lingo, they are members of the Board of Directors who oversee the activities of a company, whereas the vestry is really about overseeing God’s spiritual work.” *

Vestry members are elected at the Annual Meeting by the congregation for a term of three years. Although our Annual Meeting does not occur until January, this is the time of year we look for new candidates to serve in place of those rotating off in January. Each year we elect 3 new members to serve on this nine (9) member group of leaders. Are you seeking a ministry by which you will give your time and talents to CHC? Do you see yourself as a leader and looking to grow spiritually through service? Do you support and envision CHC as a vital community presence and representative of what it means to be God’s people? Perhaps this is your opportunity to offer your service to be a part of the vestry. Take some time during coffee hour and chat with some of our current vestry members and listen to what they have to say about their overall experience. If you decide you are interested in serving on the Vestry, simply let any Vestry member or the Junior or Senior Warden know.

This is an exciting time to serve as part of our key leadership and take a more active role in helping to shape the future priorities and growth of our church community. Please consider sharing your time and talents to this vital ministry.

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Elected Church Officers and Vestry Members
2018 – 2019


Staff Image
Denise Noll, Senior Warden
I grew up in the Methodist church, but for many years was a "C" & "E" visitor of churches of various denominations - Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic. But that began to change on Ash Wednesday in 1995, when my good friend Debi invited me to attend the noon service with her at her church - The Church of the Holy Comforter. [Read more...]
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Tom Simpson, Junior Warden
I have been a member of CHC since 1970, 45 years, except for an eight year work assignment in the UK, 1993-2001. I came back to CHC to rejoin a welcoming and caring congregation called to ministry, both within the parish and into the world. [Read more...]
Staff Image
Charles Franz, Treasurer
I have attended Holy Comforter for over 10 years. My wife Carol and I were encouraged by our daughter Laure to attend Holy Comforter, which she found to be friendly and inviting. Carol and I became members on November 6, 2001. [Read more...]

Vestry Members

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Martha Lessner, Vestry Member
I was born and raised in Baltimore. I was a long time member of St. Johns Mount Washington Episcopal Church until I joined Holy Comforter about 4 years ago. My husband and I raised two children, both of whom are now married and live on their own. [Read more...]
Staff Image
Carol Franz, Vestry Member
My husband Charlie and I came to Holy Comforter in 1997 when our daughter Laure invited us to attend, because she loved it. At the Cathedral in 2001, Bishop Raab received us as members of Holy Comforter. Since then, I have managed the Coffee Hour Committee, and in 2013 created coffee hour teams. [Read more...]
Staff Image
Nor Rysticken,
Since coming to Holy Comforter, I have served on the vestry and the Search Committee. I had the pleasure of mentoring a group of young people and participated in their pilgrimage. [Read more...]
Staff Image
Pat Street, Vestry Member
Holy Comforter has been my church for the last 14 years. I came to be here because of an invitation from Herb Lodder. Herb has been a friend for over 30 years. Previously, I attended St. Andrews, Loch Raven. There I served on the vestry, the Search Committee and was a delegate to the convention. [Read more...]
Staff Image
Nick Knuth, Vestry Member
I was raised Catholic in a small town in southwest Minnesota. I participated in mass as a server before confirmation. I was also an active member of the Newman Center at the University of Michigan during graduate school. [Read more...]
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Jeff Blais, Vestry Member
I grew up in the Catholic Church (St Michaels in Columbus, Ohio) and in High School was in Young Life. My wife Larissa and I were married in the Episcopal Church in 2007. [Read more...]
Staff Image
Michael Curley, Vestry Member
In 2012, I started coming to the Church of the Holy Comforter (CHC) for very profound theological reasons. [Read more...]