Adult Formation

Adult Education is back in full swing on Sunday moninsg the hour between services from  9:00AM – 9:45AM in the Dove House parlor. Please use the back door.

This year we are starting off learning about Celtic Christianity together. We do have a text, Water From An Ancient Well:Celtic Spirituality for Modern Life, by Kenneth McIntosh. You are welcome even if you don’t have the text.

Celtic Spirituality is a mixture of material from multiple sources, the most obvious being that of indigenous Celtic religion
before the peaceful conversion of Ireland. Many of their ideas are very attractive to post-modern folks such as ourselves,
a very substantial one being the equality of women in the Celtic Church. The earthiness of this religion is also attractive to
many of us.

Please come join us in the Dove House Parlor. There is so much to learn about this aspect of our faith, both theologically
and spiritually, and everyone has a say  For questions, please contact Michael or call the church office at 410-252-2711.

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