• We may not yet be permitted to sing the hymns Susan plays so beautifully, but we sure hum joyously.
  • Commissioning of the team heading to Grace House on the Mountain (Diocese of SW Virginia).
  • New safe deck flooring and railing for a sweet senior lady.
  • Using pry bars and good old-fashioned muscle, Joe and Tom remove unsafe stairs prior to the Grace House team rebuilding them.
  • Slowly returning to "normal" ~ the Gospel read in the midst of the congregation.
  • Enjoying an outdoor coffee hour.
  • A quiet place for personal reflection and prayer.

Welcome to the Church of the Holy Comforter, where each person is cherished as a child of God. We invite you to find nourishment of every kind here, and we hope that you will allow our faith-based community to offer you a spiritual home today and every day.