We are communicants entitled to receive Holy Communion; we communicate to make known; and we act in transmitting and exchanging information to stay in communication with family, friends, community, and beyond.

Communication is the life blood of all activities at CHC; so how do we assure that the entire family at Holy Comforter is aware of all that happens not only within our church and local community, but throughout the diocese and the world? We use the following means of communication at CHC:

Weekly Announcements

Current information regarding events and programs as well as other news is distributed weekly via email. Weekly Announcements  are also uploaded to our website (This Week @ CHC), and a printed copy is inserted in our Sunday bulletin.

Church Website

Our website is the place to learn more about Holy Comforter, its ministries, events, programs, and much more. Although the website serves as another form of communication with parishioners, it also allows us to "share the Good News" with our neighbors, the diocese, the world.


CHC also has a Facebook page where some photo and event details are displayed.


If you would like to assist with these forms of communication, please contact Sandy Benson or call the church office at 410-252-2711.



The Shepherds are an important ministry that also falls under our Communication Commission. They greet visitors and newcomers on Sunday mornings and answer any questions they may have. If you would like to learn more about this ministry, click here or contact Carol Davis.