On Sunday Mornings

The Adult Sunday Christian Formation Program  meets on Sundays from 9:00 am - 9:50 am in the upper room and resumed this fall on Sept. 11th. They  discuss current events and our faith using the magazine "Christian Century."   People are welcome for the education year or simply one or two sessions, or may come and go as the subject(s) moves them.
CHC has  subscribed to the electronic version of the "Christian Century" which comes every other week.  In addition to news, thoughtful articles, and editorial commentaries, the publication includes movie, art, and book reviews as well. Leaders for the Adult Education group may select whatever article particularly moves them, and the group welcomes additional volunteer leaders.If you would like to share in the leadership of a discussion, please sign up with  Herb Lodder+ or John Simkins.
Each week the article which  serves as the basis for discussion is submitted electronically.  If you are not receiving the electronic document and would like to be added to the distribution list, please call the church office at 410-252-2711. Participants may bring in other articles or supportive materials to distribute to the class.
For additional information about the program or if you are in need of childcare in order to attend,  please call the church office at 410-252-2711.