"When I flipped through his written answers, it said 'I don't care.' I had all of my best principal lines in my head, ready to cross examine him: 'Why don't you care?' The first thing that came out of his mouth was 'You know, Mr. Mac, I was hungry, and I just couldn't think.' "

...Principal Mac McElhaney, Old Mill Middle School North

According to Share Our Strength's No Kids Hungry Campaign, 77% of teachers say that addressing childhood hunger needs to be a national priority. Children who do not get enough food are distracted, display behavioral problems, and complain of headaches and stomach aches in school. Hunger at such a young age is an obstacle to success throughout life. And few children are as hungry as children who are homeless and in desperate need.

There are approximately 3,100 homeless children attending Baltimore County Schools. When school is in session, these children are assured of at least one meal, maybe two, each day. On weekends, holidays, and during the summer, these children may not have access to even one meal! When we learned about this reality, the CHC Outreach Commission felt that we should explore whether there were children in need close to our parish. And there are.  There are many families in our own back yard (Towson, Timonium, Cockeysville) who are described officially as “homeless and in desperate need.” CHC has offered to adopt some of these families, providing supplemental food for the weekend. Each Friday, CHC parishioners will deliver backpacks of food to local schools. On their way out of school, the students will stop by the school office to collect their packs, which will have staples for a family of three for the weekend.

This is an important project that not only relieves suffering now, but also gives children a better start in life through improved nutrition and higher readiness for learning. We invite everyone in our community to consider contributing to this program! If you would like to help, CHC would welcome your donations of the following items for the children’s backpacks:

granola bars, milk boxes, raisins, fruit cups, juice boxes, peanut butter, bread,  single-serve cereal, tuna fish/canned chicken

It is our hope, that instead of coming back to school on Monday hungry, cranky, and distracted, students will return to school filled with hope and ready to learn. If you have any questions or need more information, please call the church office at 410-252-2711 or send an email to outreach.chc@comcast.net. 

Special Note: Our effort to help some of the homeless children in our county has been supported not only by our parishioners, but also caring individuals beyond our church and local businesses/organizations. Additionally we have been blessed with two corporate sponsors: McCormick and Whole Foods. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all these donors.