Card Ministry - Peg Smith

In this fast-paced world of emails and texts, receiving a card is special and heartwarming. Perhaps the card celebrates your birthday or wishes you a speedy recovery from illness or simply lets you know that others are thinking of you. For whatever occasion, the volunteers for this card ministry seek to keep our parish family members feeling connected throughout the year

Prayer Chain - Sandy Benson

The prayer chain is a group of  dedicated and spiritual folks who engage in very intense directed prayer for  individuals rushed to the hospital, facing diagnostic tests, undergoing surgery, etc. If someone needs special prayers for whatever reason, this group  is notified. One person contacts another, so the person in need is surrounded by the love and caring prayers of people they know, or perhaps have never met.  Prayerful folks from all walks of life and abilities are welcomed to join this ministry.

Prayer Shawl Ministry - Beth Crosby

These shawls are crocheted or knitted while being infused with prayers  for anyone in need of strength while undergoing medical procedures, comfort after a loss, peace and patience during an illness and recovery, and those in celebration such as a marriage. When the recipients wrap themselves in the shawl, they will feel the comforting arms of God.  You don't have to know how to knit or crochet to be a part of this special ministry. Members of this group  would be happy to teach you! For knitting instructions, meanings of color choices, and a wonderful prayer for caregivers, please click here.