Flow, a Community Clean Water Project, is a branch of the Outreach Commission at Holy Comforter.  As our parishioners learned about the shocking lack of clean water in the world, they formed a committee to bring clean water to communities on a local and international level.  Recently, we funded a project that brought sanitation facilities to a middle school in Guatemala.

The Problem:

- over 80% of all the diseases in the world come from contaminated water and lack of  sanitation
- every 17 seconds a child dies from a waterborne disease
- over 900 million on this planet have no access to safe drinking water within a kilometer  of home
- water borne disease kills more people each year than all forms of violence combined, including  war

Our Mission:

Flow believes that water is a God Given gift and right to sustain all peoples. Flow accomplishes its mission through: bringing clean water and snaitation to communities in need; fostering strong community relationships locally and abroad; educating communities about clean water preservation; and honoring a God-centered relationship with creation.

Flow meets montly to discuss projects, develop education programs and strategize about fundraising. Please join our committee on the first Wednesday of the month to learn how you, your family, club or business can be part of our efforts. For more information contact:  Elizabeth Shire, Pam Nixon, or Monica (Butta) Tang.




To see our brochure for this project, click the image below.