Beth Crosby

Parish Administrator


Beth is a cradle Episcopalian and retired World Languages teacher. In the office, you can see her creating bulletins, sending out Happenings, and trying to keep things running smoothly. When she’s not in the Holy Comforter office, Beth most likely can be found playing volleyball, watching tennis, rooting for the Baltimore birds (both purple and orange ones) or doing something crafty. She is a history enthusiast, especially American Civil War and Medieval Europe and is dreaming of a return trip to France someday.



Ken Ridgeway


When we arrive on Sunday mornings for services, it is doubtful that we think twice about the carpets and floors and bathrooms. Keeping the church, chapel, parish hall, meeting rooms, offices, and bathrooms clean and ready for use requires many hours of work every week. Fortunately for Holy Comforter, we have our sexton Ken Ridgeway to thank. Ken works closely with the junior warden, who also advises him of any upcoming events the parish must prepare for as well as any special cleaning tasks that need attention. Although many of us may not have met Ken, stop by the church most any week day and you will find him cleaning and polishing in some area.